B.E Contracts Pvt. Ltd.(Formerly Bharat Electricals)

11- C, Vandna Building, 11- Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi-110001

Name of the Eastablishment:- B.E. Contracts Private Limited
Address of the Eastablishment:- 11-C, Vandna Building, 11- Tolstoy Marg New Delhi-110001
Address of the Eastablishment Branch office:- 11-C, Vandna Building, 11- Tolstoy Marg New Delhi-110001
Nature of Work for wich contract workmen employed:- Internal Electricals Work
Name of the Managing Director:- Mr. Sanjay Gujral
Date of Starting of Busines:- 1953
Date of Initial agreement with the PE & Contractor :-
Phone no. of Contractor:- 011-23315242, 011-41522041
FAX no. of Contractor:- 011-23315668
E-mail ID of Contractor:-,
Website Address of the Organization:-
Registration No./ Contract Labour Licence No. N/A
Registration under the Registration Act.1908 N/A
Registration under the Partnership Act.1923 N/A
Registration Under tne Companies Act. 1956 U45303DL2001PTC113167
Registration Under the Delhi Shop & Eastalishment Act.1954:- N/A
Registration under the factories act.(for PE) N/A
Registration no of Employee ESIC Act.1948:- ESIC REG. NO.11000113970000606
Registration No.EPF and Misc. Provisions Act.1952 DL/CPM/0001480000
Service Tex Registration No. AABCB8363M ST 001
Sale Tex Registration no. O7222000394
Pan Card No. AABCB8363M
Name/Address of website